Weekly Wrap Up-A Busy Week

I’m not sure what happened this week, but it seemed to be one of those weeks where everything BUT school was getting done.

Monday was our most “normal” school day of the week.  We were home with nothing much to get done except soccer practice in the evening.

Tuesday was Junior Master Gardner class for Kathryne and Charles.  This is a gardening/horticulture/leadership class sponsored by 4H.  They were not too keen on it, but I signed them up anyway because it is only once a month, and I think what they learn will be good.  They go from 9-12.  While they were in class, I took the little girls to the local museum.  There were some great new exhibits!  We picked up the big kids and decided to eat lunch with Daddy.  The kids wanted to go to kids Zumba at the Y at 4, so I decided I didn’t want to go all the way and then drive all the way back across town for Zumba, so we went and hung out at the church to kill some time.  That put us being away from home from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the evening- a loooong day.

Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment which took up most of the morning.  My mom stayed with the kids and I left some basic school work, but we didn’t get most of our usual stuff done.  Wednesday evening was dinner and church activities.  Another long day.

Thursday morning we were able to get some work done before we had dental appointments at 11.  We came home after but then went out again to swim Thursday afternoon.

Today, we had a preplanned field trip to the nature museum in Charlotte.  It was a nice trip except that there was some sort of festival in the park that I wasn’t aware of, and things were pretty crowded.

I’m hoping that next week is a more normal week for school.

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