Weekly Wrap Up - A Good School Routine

This was our first week in a regular fall routine using our new fall curriculum!  We had a great week.

The little girls are doing Five in a Row and we read The Story of Ping this week and did activities related to the book.  We discussed China and it’s culture.  We discussed illustrations and drew water.  We talked about ducks and watched a video about ducks from Discovery Education.

The little girls also worked on Handwriting Without Tears, Explode the Code, and Saxon math.   I did learn that I need to do workbook time with Ashlyne and Rachel separately- even though this is harder for me.

The big kids and I began reading The Magician’s Nephew for our Further Up Further In unit study.  I love the Narnia books!  Thankfully, so do they.  We discussed some Bible truths from the story, defined vocabulary words, studied the food chain, discussed adjectives and their use, and did some creative writing.

The big kids also are working on Saxon math, copywork, and reading independently at least 15 minutes a day.

Together we listened to the first two chapters of Story of the World, reviewed 8 units of Latin (We’re reviewing before we start the next unit in the book.), listened to Shakespeare (The Taming of the Shrew), and began a read through the Bible in a year program.

On Monday, we hosted our science co-op group.  This is something new we are doing this year.  We are getting together with two other families and doing science experiments twice a month.  September is my month to host, and I chose to build a volcano.  We watched a Discovery Education video about volcanoes, took a short volcano quiz, built an erupted two volcanoes, and ate a layers of the earth ice cream cake that one of the other moms had made.

On Thursday, we took a trip to Discovery Place in Charlotte.  This is a great hands-on science museum.  It has been in the process of renovation for almost two years but finally is complete and totally open now.  There are some great new areas in the museum.  We are members and were very excited by some of the new activities we can do now.  My only complaint is that all of the museums programs have a very blatant evolutionary and politically correct spin.  We discussed some of that after watching the Sharks 3D program.  We did enjoy the museum, however, and spent about 5 hours there exploring all the new activities.

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