Beyond the Bible in 90 Days

Having finished my second round of reading through the Bible in 90 days this year, I am now taking some time to do some more in depth Bible study.  I am currently studying the book of Genesis with a study guide form Navpress.  And, I just finished reading Broken Down House by Paul David Tripp.

Broken Down House is a book about living in a fallen world and how we need to approach this.  Paul Tripp was the main speaker at the homeschool convention this past summer, and we really enjoyed hearing him speak.  Although the whole book was very thought provoking, two things really stood out to me:

The first was the instruction to live in community.  Tripp explains in that chapter how Scripture exhorts us to do much more than meet together on Sundays for an hour of “worship.”  Scripture exhorts us to live in community, to know each other, to see and meet each other’s needs, to hold each other accountable for our actions.  I don’t think I am very good at this, and I hope to become better at being a part of a community of believers.

The other things Tripp pointed out that really made me think was that we are always in ministry.  As a Christian, everything I do should be “ministry.”  Ministry is not just teaching Sunday school once a month or serving in the nursery every other week.  Ministry should be our lifestyle.  So, when I am in a frustrating situation in my marriage, I need to remember that my marriage is my ministry.   When my kids are driving me batty, I need to remember that they are my ministry.  With a viewpoint of lifestyle ministry, my reactions to the people and situations around me would be very different.

The Bible study of Genesis has been very interesting also.  Here’s something the study book mentions that I just never thought about.  Moses wrote Genesis (I knew that) after all those things happened (of course, that seems obvious, but it made me stop and say, “hmmmm”) to clarify in the minds of God’s people how God had worked and was working in their lives, and to make sense in their minds of some of the ancient stories passed down at the time about creation and the flood and those major events.
Genesis, although I believe it to be the true and literal Word of God (as do the authors of my study guide) is meant to be an historical narrative showing God’s work in the world and particularly in the lives of his chosen people; not a science book with exact details about the world’s beginning.  So, it is okay that all the details aren’t there.  We can trust that what God says is literally true, and I think we can be okay with not knowing all the details.

I’m enjoying my Bible studies.  I am going to continue through Genesis and hopefully also complete the Exodus study this year before I read through the Bible again in the January group.

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