Weekly Wrap Up- A Better School Week

Well, despite starting our week with a short-lived virus, we had a much more productive school week.

On Monday, Charles woke up feeling bad.  We postponed our science time that was scheduled that afternoon but managed to get through a pretty full day of school before he felt better and then Kathryne spent the afternoon feeling bad.  Thankfully soccer was canceled for Monday evening due to lots of rain.

Tuesday, I decided to skip a scheduled field trip just to make sure everyone was going to feel well.  We did a little school work despite some complaining that we shouldn’t have to do work because we were supposed to have had a field trip.

The other days went pretty smoothly and normally.  I was thankful for that because my nights have been rather rough.  Besides the sickness at the beginning of the week that interrupted our sleep, Charles has been really scared at nights and going through a rough time.  That means I also go through a rough time at night. I’m hoping this passes quickly.

On Thursday, we hosted our postponed science group.  This week’s activity was about rocks and rock types.  We watched a short video on Discovery Education about types of rocks.  The kids considered it corny, but it held their interest and I think they all learned something new.  Then we experimented with making an edible igneous rock- rice krispie treats- and a metamorphic rock with squashed playdo rocks.   We had our edible igneous rocks for a snack, and then the kids had some time to play.

Charles and Kathryne finished up The Magician’s Nephew this week, and we are loving all things Narnia.  I am using Further Up and Further In as a curriculum guide.  We are going to hold off starting the second book for a week or so while we do some of the extension activities that went along with The Magician’s Nephew.

Ashlyne and Rachel read Blueberries for Sal this week.  I bought it with a set of books that I thought all went with Five in a Row volume one.  However, I found out that that book was not in FIAR vol. one.  So, I made up my own extension activities.
1.  We talked about the location of Maine- geography.
2.  We discussed the time period the book was written in (early 1940s)- history.
3.  We compared the art in the book with the art from Lentil- another Robert McCloskey book we’ve read- art.
4.  We did blueberry math using blue counting blocks to add, count , and estimate-math.
5.  We discussed how humans and animals prepare for the winter (focusing on hibernation)- science.
I think we did a pretty good job covering the aspects of the book even though I didn’t have a written plan.

This weekend, we are camping.  Actually Jason and Charles are camping tonight.  I plan on taking the girls out in the morning and staying for the day and evening.  Surprisingly enough, it is not raining.  Usually our planning a camping trip is enough to end the longest drought!

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