Weekly Wrap Up- The Lost Tooth Edition

This was one of those weeks where I felt like I was hanging on by a thread. School is going well. Making time for everything else is hard.

In school, we had a pretty normal week except for Thursday. On Thursday, we took a great field trip to the children’s theater to see Aladin. It was our first children’s theater experience; although Kathryne has been to a professional performance, and Kathryne and Charles have both been to a small, local performance. This performance was a pretty big deal, complete with professional actors, special effects, and a flying carpet!

Today, we finished up most of the things we needed to finish for the week. Ashlyne lost her first tooth today! She was quite excited!

I’ve been recording our daily homeschool record at my Courtney Homeschool blog. I’ve found it to be a good way of record keeping.

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