Weekly Wrap Up- The What Exactly Did We Do This Week? Edition

Well, on Monday, the little girls and I reread The Little House and watched a very cool video on the phases of the moon and made the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies (which of course we ate when we were through).

That was possibly the most educational thing we did at home this week.

On Tuesday, Kathryne and Charles had their second Junior Master Gardner class. This is a 4h class held at one of our local gardens. Kathryne has a good time. Charles has an okay time but is now having a better time because he has made some buds to hang out with. And, I can tell (despite their complaining about multiple homework assignments) that they are both learning something.

While they were in class, the little girls and I headed to the nature museum. We played in the river room, did puppet shows, explored the naturalist area, and played in the Tinker Tim storybook room. All in all, a very educational day- just not at home all day.

On Wednesday, we did get some “real” work accomplished. We listened to our history chapter and talked about Louis the XIV. We listened to Classics for Kids and learned more about Igor Stravinsky. We didn’t do much book work that day because we headed out to play with friends for the morning.

On Thursday, we headed to the zoo! It was a fun trip. It has been about three years since we’ve been, so the little girls didn’t remember it at all. The weather was wonderful, and we spent all day there. Another really educational day- just not at home.
Today was a vacation day for our public schools. Kathryne participated in an all day drama class at the community theater, so I didn’t even attempt school with anyone else. Charles hung out with his neighborhood buddies all day, and my mom hung with the kids while I went to a pre-op appointment and ran some errands.

SO, I would say we didn’t get much “home” school accomplished this week, but I believe lots of learning happened. Does that count?

Next week, I am having surgery on Wednesday, so I don’t predict much getting accomplished then either. I am not really planning to do much school at all for the next two weeks. This is our fall break since mom will be somewhat incapacitated for a while. Homeschool is nice and flexible that way.

Weekly Wrap Up is being hosted at See Jamie Blog this week if you want to check out more wrap-ups. Perhaps someone else got a little more done this week than we did!

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