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I went in to look at Charles’s newly cleaned room today and caught myself just standing there looking around.  Charles is my one boy in the midst of all these girls, and parenting him is quite different.  He is definitely his own person.

So, I looked around his room today and thought about all the things that make Charles who he is.

All his sports medals- He plays soccer, football, most anything with a ball.

 His goal posts- football is his favorite sport, and this is right over his bed.

 This bin holds stuffed animals and balls- a mix of the sweet, cuddly little boy he was and still is and the big boy he is becoming.

 His home drawn football plans with a tribute to his favorite person- You rock Dad.

 This hangs in his room.  My grandmother made it for him when he was born.  She died when he was one and never got to see what a great kids he’s becoming.  But, I think they would have gotten along splendidly.

 His “I D card”- He took a business card of Jason’s and hung it on a string to wear around his neck, so “everyone would know who his daddy was.”

 More football accessories for my football boy:

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