Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Thanksgiving!  (I know I’m a day late in posting, but I’m still thankful!)

This week was devoted to Thanksgivingy sorts of activities in the Courtney household- less school (which the kids enjoyed), some cooking and craft activities, a Thanksgiving lapbook, eating with family (x2) and Black Friday shopping (for Jason and I).  This week was also my birthday- today to be exact.  I am a turkey baby, and my birthday occasionally falls right on Thanksgiving Day, but this year it fell on Black Friday!

Our school time this week was spent doing Thanksgiving lapbooks.  I know there are only so many times one can learn about the Pilgrims and Indians and have it sound new and exciting, but I try each year to do/read something new and different to talk about Thanksgiving and what it means.  The lapbooks from Hands of a Child were great because they were hands on and fun, but they also helped us review (and learn) historical information.

Each year, we make table favors for our second Thanksgiving dinner which takes place with Jason’s extended family.  This year we tried our hand at these lovely Oreo turkeys.  They were so cute, but, unfortunately they collapsed pretty easily.  So, instead of trying to take them forty-five minutes drive in the car, we ate them. 🙂

Then we made these lovely pumpkin candies out of melted lifesavers.  They turned out much better and much more durable!  We also made our standard fruit cornucopias, filling pointed ice cream cones with fruit gummies.

Our Thanksgiving usually consists of a meal with my family at lunch time, then driving about forty-five minutes up the road to Jason’s extended family and eating supper.  As we all settled into the car for the drive this year, I noticed my Kathryne- so grown up with her painted toenails and MP3 player in her ears, but still carrying her baby doll on her lap.  I love this in-between age- part little girl, part growing up young lady!

Here are some random family shots:  my mom and sister working together in the kitchen; Jason’s mom, aunt, and cousin working (or chatting)  in the kitchen, and lots of playing and loving cousins.

I am extremely thankful for the blessing of my family, and I am especially thankful this year for healing from surgery and the ability to enjoy my Thanksgiving Day with all of them.  God is good!

After the second Thanksgiving, the children- ours and cousins- head home with Jason’s mom, and we head out for Black Friday shopping.  We took it easier this year because I am still a little slow, but we did make it to Target at 2:30 and stood in line for a big tv.  It’s our whole family Christmas present!

Another happy Thanksgiving in the memory books for the year, and believe it or not, here comes Christmas!

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