Weekly Wrap Up- The Some Sense of Normal Edition

We are slowly but surely getting back into a good school routine.  (I know, I know, just in time to break for Thanksgiving and then Christmas.)  It was nice to feel like some things were getting accomplished even though we are moving kind of slowly.

Nothing “special” happened this week.  We were home all week.  But here are some highlights of what we’ve done:

Bible– We began reading Little Pilgrims Progress.  This is an old favorite that the big kids have heard several times.  I don’t usually like abridged books, but this one is very true to the original and allows this wonderful classic to be heard and understood by the littlest readers.  Even the big kids still enjoy it, and I am having a good time discussing things at two different levels for the little ones and big ones!
Little Pilgrim's Progress: From John Bunyan's Classic (The Message)

History– In Story of the World Volume 3, we are reading more about the Americas.  This week we read about the eventual wars between the colonists and the Indians despite the goodwill during the Pilgrims time.  We had an interesting discussion about the Indians point of view.

Literature– With Kathryne and Charles, we started The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in our Further Up and Further In study.   This may be my second favorite Narnia book (following The Last Battle), so I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.  Kathryne and Charles like this one the best I believe, and they know most about it, so they are having fun.
Ashlyne, Rachel, and I studied Cranberry Thanksgiving this week for Five in a Row.  We are preparing for the holiday.  We looked up some neat pictures of a cranberry bog and I learned some new things about cranberries and how they are harvested.

Geography– We are reading A Child’s Geography which I really enjoy but which is not rated very highly by the big kids who think the writing rather juvenile.  This week we read all about the world’s oceans.  Even though they don’t like the writing style, I think we all learn something every time.
A Childs Geography Explore His Earth

Independently, everyone kept up with math, copywork, reading, AWANA study, and Bible reading.

All in all, it was a productive week.

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