Weekly Wrap Up- The Still at Home Edition

Well, although I am definitely feeling better and recovering nicely from surgery, I still do not have very much stamina.  So, although we are doing our normal school routine now (as normal as it gets for us), we are pretty much homebound unless someone takes pity on my poor children and shuttles them places.  And, I’ve had a great revelation!  Are you ready?  Drum roll please.  WHEN WE STAY HOME MORE WE GET MORE DONE AT HOME!  Yes, I know, seems rather obvious, but remind me of that when I am back to my old self and running four children and myself around all over creation.

This week, I did have some wonderfully kind friends who shuttled my kids to several events, so here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: School work; big kids to science co-op where they are studying electricity this month; Ashlyne to gymnastics

Tuesday: Big kids to Junior Master Gardner (4H) where they learned about soil, pollution, and composting.  The little girls and I used the time to majorly clean out bedrooms!

Wednesday: All of us home for school time; church activities in the evening

Thursday: School work

Friday: School work; big kids to do oral book reports with a group of other homeschoolers.  Kathryne did her report on Strawberry Girl, and Charles did his on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

In our school work this week, the little girls and I read Apple Farmer Annie and finished out the week making apple turnovers.  We read more about the colonists and their troubles in Story of the World.  We read about our sun and how it affects the seasons and weather in geography.  Kathryne and Charles and I continued on with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  All of us continued reading Little Christian’s story in The Little Pilgrim’s Progress.  We looked at The Money Changer’s Wife in our Art Auction Mystery book.

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