Menu Plan Monday

As part of my New Years resolutions, I am planning to try really hard to post my menu plan almost EVERY week, so that I will cook at least most all of the meals on this plan and not have any much unplanned eating out.

                                                Signed : Leah R. Courtney

So, here goes.  Notice I have a planned eating out on the menu this week.  We will probably be at church from 4-7:30 on Christmas Eve because we plan to attend one service as a family and serve in the other service in video and nursery.  So, healthy and cost conscious mother that I am, I am hitting McDonalds for a between services meal.

Monday:Cheeseburger Pie and fried potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken and dumplings; veggies

Wednesday:Eat with mom and dad

Thursday:Rhyner family- meatballs, smokies, jello mousse, queso dip and chips, drinks

Friday: Christmas Eve- McDonalds at church

Saturday:Christmas Day- leftovers, sandwiches

Sunday:Frozen Pizza, salad

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