Weekly Wrap Up- The Almost Christmas Break Edition

First of all, Happy Anniversary to me today!  My wonderful husband and best friend and I have been married for 16 years today.  How time flies!

In school, we are slowly but surely finishing up things, so we can take a break for Christmas.

Charles and Kathryne both finished their current independent reading books this week and reported on them.
We finished reading the first half of Little Pilgrim's Progress and will pick it up again after Christmas to read about Christiana's journey.  I love this slightly abridged, kid-friendly version of John Bunyan's classic!
We did a mini unit study from Journey to Learning entitled The Arrival of a King.  The unit turned out to not be exactly what I hoped for when I purchased it.  (I purchased it to get the free gifts from The Old Schoolhouse I must confess. :( )  But, it was a short, sweet unit with some historical context for the birth of Christ.  I won't claim there were any earth-moving moments of learning and discovery, but we did the unit.
We are continuing on with our Jesse Tree and will continue even after we are on "Christmas break."  Now, that is a unit I love that we have done each Christmas for the past few years!  I love to follow the timeline of God working in His chosen people to bring about His promises!
Charles has come to a stopping place in math at the end of a unit, and Kathryne has one more test before she is there, so math is pretty much finished up for the semester.  Ashlyne and Rachel and I also completed the halfway point in Saxon 1 this week, so we're taking a math break.
After finishing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe last week, Charles and Kathryne and I decided not to start The Horse and His Boy until after Christmas.  Kathryne would like to spend more time on that book and the activities in the literature unit because that is the book we've probably read the least and the one you tend to hear the least about.
Kathryne and Charles and I also finished up our last Latin review chapter today bringing us to the end of a unit and a good place to stop for a break.
Our other subjects- Story of the World, Classics for Kids, geography, and picture study will just have to wait on us as we break for a while.

Next week, we are hosting our science group on Monday, but we won't be doing science.  Instead we are making gingerbread houses!  On Tuesday, Kathryne and Charles have a final Junior Master Gardner class before Christmas.  I have a few science DVDs I've been wanting us to watch and discuss, so I think we'll do that next week to and head toward our official break on Friday.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! What a great bit of news!
    Mine is next week -14 years- and yes! time flies!!

    The Horse and His Boy... wow, when I read the title I had almost forgotten that yes, that is one of the books. I honestly cannot recall any of it... perhaps that will be our next book. We are going through Voyage of the Dawn Treader as a read-aloud at night.

    Could you tell me what version of Little Pilgrim's Progress you are using? I want to start this book (either the original version or a slightly modified one but haven't found one yet that I think will work) sometime shortly after the New Year.

    Wow, time does fly!
    I hope you all have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! You won The Narnia Code DVD Giveaway! Please email me your mailing address at serving_theKingofkings@yahoo.com .


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