An Exciting Opportunity!

I am excited about something I have the opportunity to be involved in this year.  I am a Gabby Mom!  I am going to be a product reviewer for TEACH magazine.  TEACH magazine- recently renamed Eternal Encouragement- encourages women to be godly wives, mothers, and homemakers.

I've never had a subscription to the magazine, but I have been aware of the ministry and am very excited to be able to review products and to get to know more about this valuable resource for women.  I was recently checking out the TEACH magazine website and was very impressed at the resources offered there. 

I received my first product for review last week, and it is great!  I'm not going to reveal it yet, but I am really looking forward to doing my review on this one the last week of January.  It is a beautiful and very helpful resource.  And that's all I'll tell you for now!  Stay tuned for the product review coming soon.

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  1. That is neat! I'll be watching for the review and I went over to check out the magazine. I think I've seen a copy before (when it was still TEACH) and liked it.
    Congrats on being a reviewer :)


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