Bible in 90 Days Update- Bogged Down in the Law

It never fails to happen.  I’m reading along quite well in Genesis and the first part of Exodus, very interested in the story of Israel, God’s chosen people.  And then it happens:  I come to the Ten Commandments, and all the later law.  The whole second half of Exodus, Leviticus, most of Numbers and parts of Deuteronomy will continue to relate the law to the people.

Why?  Why is so much of the Old Testament devoted to writing down these laws?  And what sense can I make of the law today as a 21st century Christian?  Why are there laws against sexual sins that i can obviously agree are wrong written just verses away from laws about mildew in your house?  Huh?

I’ve found three very interesting sources to help me study this in some more depth.  I’ve already perused the two websites, and I sent the PDF file to my Kindle to read.  Much of what I’m reading makes sense and helps me to see how the law fits in to the narrative of history and what it means for us as Christians today.

Do Christians have to obey the Old Testament law?

Applying the Old Testament law today

Why the Law Then?

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