Bible in 90 Days Update- Judges

I am still on track reading through the Bible in 90 days.  I have just finished reading through Judges and Ruth and beginning Samuel.

The book of Judges is always very shocking.  The things that go on in the nation of Israel at the time are appalling- idol worship, immorality, murder.  The list is long and the recurring phrase is: “The people had no king and did what was right in their own eyes.”  The people God sent to deliver Israel weren’t much better.  The judges were liars, cowards, murderers, and idolaters in their own right.  What a picture of what the nation of Israel has become just a few hundred years after pledging to always obey God no matter what!

Right in the middle of all this is the story of Ruth.  At first glance, we might not understand why God would include this.  What does the story of a foreign woman and her devotion to her Israelite mother-in-law have to do with the story of God’s people and the thread we are following through the Bible?  The answer lies in the final chapter of Ruth.  In the story of faithfulness and devotion that we find smack dab in the middle of the atrocities of Judges, we find the ancestors of King David who would one day be the ancestors of Jesus Christ!  Wow!  What a plan God has!

I am starting into Samuel and the books of the kings now.  This is a very “historical” section in the Bible- one of the easiest for me to read and one of my favorite sections- because I like history.

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