Bible in 90 Days Update

I am currently caught up in reading through the Bible in 90 days.  We are on day 26.  I am reading in 2 Kings today.  I enjoy reading through Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles.  This is Israel’s history, and I definitely a history buff.  Sometimes the kings can be a little confusing.  1 and 2 Samuel deal mostly with the first kings of Israel- Saul and David.  1 and 2 Kings tell the lines of kings in Israel and Judah (the kingdom now divided).  1 and 2 Chronicles retell Kings from a different perspective, focusing primarily on the kings of Judah, the Southern Kingdom.  Many of the prophets come during the reigns of these kings.

I found this handy chart that helps to show the overlap of the kings in each kingdom and where the prophets fit in:
Chart of Kings and Prophets
I like to keep it handy to refer to it while I am reading.

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