Bible in 90 Days Update

The Bible in 90 Days: Cover to Cover in 12 Pages a Day (New International Version)

I'm reading through the Bible in 90 days again!  We began Monday.  Today I am caught up reading in Genesis about the life of Joseph.

I've posted before about reading through the Bible in 90 days, but I cannot say enough good things about this program.  I have read through the Bible every year since high school.  I grew up in a church and a Christian school that taught the Bible in an expository way, so I've always known the Bible, not just known about the Bible.  But reading through in 90 days was a new experience for me last year, and I really benefited from it.

I can see the flow of history through Scripture so much better when I read in this short period of time.  Things really tie in when I am reading so quickly.  Often when I study portions of the Bible, the big picture gets lost.  When I read the whole thing in a short period of time, I get the big picture.  I've had lots of aha moments as I've seen how things fit together.  I've also come across things I wanted to study more in depth, and I've done that after my reading.

I am reading along with others at Mom's Toolbox, but you can buy the Bible in 90 days Bible and read anytime.  It is helpful to be a part of a group for the encouragement and accountability.

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  1. Having it on my Kindle has made a huge difference in my feelings of being overwhelmed. It's seems so much more manageable b/c it doesn't feel so big!!
    I am really glad that I'm doing this. Lots of "aha" moments too.


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