Weekly Wrap Up- The First Week Back to School

We started back to school this week!  I was very ready for the routine.  The kids were not so ready.

Our week started rather roughly.  On New Year’s Eve, I took Kathryne to the doctor.  She had run fever and felt bad since Christmas Day.  She tested negative for all the normal things, but her white blood counts and platelet counts were very low.  We headed to the ER.  The general consensus after consulting with two doctors and a hematologist was that we were probably looking at a virus but that she needed her counts rechecked within the week.  Of course my mother’s mind skipped to all the worst case scenarios.  Thankfully, we had many many folks praying for us!  I took her today to be retested and all counts were normal.  Praise the Lord!

Despite illness, we started back with a mostly regular school schedule on Monday.

The little girls and I read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats this week.  We worked on story sequence; we compared the book with the Usborne TheSnowy Day book using a Venn diagram; we made snowflakes; and we watched the scholastic video of The Snowy Day.  Here’s our large Venn Diagram.

The big kids and I began reading The Horse and His Boy.  This is one of the Narnia books we’ve read the least, so we are spending a little more time on it.  This week we read four chapters; we discussed suicide (because of the choices of one of the characters); we outlined information about horses to practice creating an outline; and we read about the seven wonders of the ancient world.

We also continued with Story of the World vol.3 reading about the Chinese Empire.  We read about the tectonic plates and discussed shifts in the earth’s crust in A Child’s Geography.  We continued on with Latin, but we are also watching the Muzzy Spanish videos for a little introductory Spanish.  We picked up our Little Pilgrim’s Progress and continued on with part two reading about Christiana’s journey.  We studied a picture by Joseph Turner in The Art Auction Mystery.  We also began reading The American Patriot’s Almanac with a daily reading form American history.

The American Patriot's Almanac: Daily Readings on America

Everyone continued with independent work on math, reading, phonics (for the little girls), copywork, Bible reading, and AWANA.

I think we had a very successful back to school week.  Next week we are looking forward to our science co-op group coming, and I think we may take a trip to Discovery Place.

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