Weekly Wrap Up- The I'm So Ready for Spring Edition

So, I’m not really sure what that title has to do with school, but there it is:  I am so ready for spring.  Thankfully, mixed in with the serious cold and miserable rain this week, we had one beautiful gem of a day when the sun came out and the temperatures reached almost 50.  It reminded me that spring will one day come again.  Even if they are forecasting MORE snow next week.  Uggh.

In all things school:

Monday– We had our science group over.  Due to sickness and snow, we missed one meeting this month, so we doubled up this week and talked about atmospheric pressure and moon phases.  The moon phase activity was the most popular because it involved oreo cookies (and some milk).

On Tuesday, Kathryne and Charles had Junior Master Gardner.  This has turned out to be a very unpopular activity with Charles especially because he has to sit for three hours.  While I am sure they don’t really just sit, the subject matter- horticulture- has not been interesting for him at all.  I am making them stick it out for a few months.  They only meet once a month, and the class ends in May.

While the big kids were in their class, the little girls and I went to the library and the children’s museum.  I love the library.  I show them I love them all the time by paying them astronomical fines because somehow I forget the day the 60 and 20 movies books we have checked out currently are due.  Oh well.  They love me anyway.  The children’s museum is new to our town.  It opened right before Christmas is geared to preschoolers and younger, but even the big kids can usually find some interesting things to do there.  The little girls just love having so many new toys to play with!

Wednesday was a fairly normal school day.  It also  happened to be the one sunny and warm day of the week, so after we finished school work, we all went outside!

Thursday we took a trip to Discovery Place in Charlotte- about 40 minutes from home, we love this science museum and have enjoyed a membership for several years now.

 Rachel experimented with air pressure.

 Ashlyne enjoyed Legos.

 Kathryne did some weather experiments.

Rachel looked in the microscope.

Charles enjoyed messing with energy.

Today, Friday, was a stay at home day.  We actually got lots of school done today, including finishing up our geography book, A Child’s Geography; studying several works of art from The Art Auction Mystery; and listening to a radio program about Beethoven on Classics for Kids.

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