Weekly Wrap Up- The Snowy Day(s) Edition

We had snow this week.  For some of you in colder climates, this may not be a big deal.  But, here in the South, school was out for three days and all the stores were out of milk and bread.  I did not cancel our school, but I did do a more “relaxed” schedule on Monday and Tuesday so the kids could get out and play.

 We picked up with a regular schedule on Wednesday.  But we did finish by lunch time, so we could go and meet Daddy for lunch at Donatos.  It was Charles’s birthday!

During our regularly scheduled school time, we read about the American revolution and watched several related Schoolhouse Rock videos.  I love Schoolhouse Rock.

Kathryne, Charles, and I read along in The Horse and His Boy.  I am finding it very interesting.  It is the one I have read the least.

Ashlyne and Rachel and I read The Mitten.  We are reading snow books (but maybe I should stop if it keeps bringing snow).  We talked about the Ukraine and had fun discussing all the animals in the story.  We finished off the week by making our own mittens, so we could retell the story.


In math, Ashlyne, Rachel, and I discussed graphing this week, so we made a large graph showing the number of family members in families we know.

One of the new things I am doing with Ashlyne and Rachel this quarter is ABEKA phonics.  I actually started out homeschooling using all ABEKA materials with Kathryne and Charles for the first few years.  But, as we started using more Charlotte Mason style learning and reading more real books, I abandoned the ABEKA workbooks.  Now, with a second set of children learning phonics and reading, I am finding nothing to work better than ABEKA.  So, over Christmas break, I ordered the Letters and Sounds workbooks for K5 and 1st grade.  I know we’ll still be working on them over summer break, but they are doing very well with them.

Letters and Sounds 1 Phonics Seatwork Text Teacher Key ABEKA #95133

I am looking forward to a week with no snow next week and hoping for an early spring!

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