Bible in 90 Days Update- The Prophets

I am up to date reading through the Bible in 90 days.  I am currently in Isaiah, having begun the prophets over the weekend.

I breezed through Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon at the end of last week.  Ecclesiastes is rather a downer of a book.  “Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless.”  I’m glad I know the rest of the story. 🙂

The prophets are much more understandable when read in the big picture with the kings.  When you’ve read about the various kings and how so many of them have turned the people away form God, it is easy to see how the dire predictions of the prophets come in.

I will be reading through the prophets for a while now.  Hard to believe I’m already 50 days into my 90 day reading!

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