Menu Plan Monday

I found another online menu planning site.  I have been using All Recipes for quite a while now to look up and store recipes in my own recipe box.  Now All Recipes has a menu planning option.  For a fee, you can become an All Recipes subscriber for access to the menu planner.  I paid $22.95 for a two year membership.

This was especially convenient for me because I already have so many recipes stored at All Recipes.  Now all I have to do is drag and drop those recipes into the week’s planner and save or print my list including a shopping list.  There is also a space for me to write in a meal or add a recipe that is not already in my recipe box. They also have hundreds of premade menus to choose from that can be used as is or substituted using the drag and drop feature.

Shopping lists aren’t so important to me because I buy with coupons, so I buy the things on sale and then plan the menu from what I have, not the other way around.  But, it is nice to have that feature if I want to use one of the premade menus for the week.  I’ve already found at least one kid-friendly menu that I’m going to use one week.

So, while I still haven’t found any site that will actually cook and serve my meals (as well as do the dishes), I definitely think this is my favorite menu planning site so far!

Monday– Country style steak and gravy; mashed potatoes; corn
Tuesday- Chicken pot pie
Wednesday– Eat at church
Thursday– Top your own pasta; fruit; salad
Friday- Eat with friends at a birthday party
Saturday– Baked spaghetti

For more menu plans, visit, I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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