Month in Review- January

Here’s what’s been going on this month:

Personally– I am reading through the Bible in 90 days.  I am all caught up and reading now through Chronicles.  I am reading and blogging with Mom’s Toolbox again.

I am also reading and reading and reviewing on my Good Reads blog.  I’ve committed to a challenge this year- 52 books in 52 weeks.  It sounds like quite a bit to read a book a week, but, in fact, I do it quite frequently.  And, sometimes I read more than that!

I also became a member of The Gabby Moms this year and this month I reviewed my first product from TEACH magazine- True Treasures.  You can check out my review here.

Family– We celebrated Charles’s birthday on January 12.  It is amazing to me that I now have two children who are double digits!

As a family, we also had a mini vacation this month.  We spent last Monday at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC.  We love Great Wolf.  This was actually our fourth visit.  Normally, families pay for an overnight room, and this includes water park passes for all the members.  But, because part of the water park was closed when we went in September, we got free day passes for all of us to go back.

School– We got into a regular routine after Christmas finally.   We are in our third quarter, and I have decided to change our quarters, so that we will still do some school in the summer; but we will take off most of June and July and then start back with our new year in August.  I am making our third quarter from December to March and our fourth quarter from April to July.  I am planning to finish up most work by May and do a fun unit in June and July amidst vacations and camps and VBS.

A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to Discovery Place, our local science museum.  One of my favorite things about homeschooling is our ability to go places and do hands on things that encourage natural learning.

We had a few sort of snow days this month also.  I don’t give the kids whole days off of school when it snows, but we did have quite a bit of snow, and I gave them some lighter school – especially while Jason was home.

I am keeping a daily record of our school work at my Courtney Homeschool Blog.

This month we are looking forward to the Super Bowl, exchanging valentines, a few fun field trips, and, hopefully NO MORE SNOW!

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