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Well, as I enter into my second Gabby Mom’s review for Eternal Encouragement (formerly TEACH magazine), I have a disclaimer to make, a confession of sorts:

I do not like Enewsletters!

I’m not sure why.  I love my computer.  I do almost everything digitally now.  But, I am not a fan of enewsletters or digital magazines.  Perhaps one problem is that I do not like to click from the newsletter to any other link.  If I can sit down and read the newsletter in its entirety, I am okay with it, but throw in some links I have to click back and forth to, and you’ve lost me.  I have some distraction issues.

So, when I was given my Gabby Mom assignment for the month- to review the Eternal Encouragement enews, I was less than thrilled.  And a little apprehensive.  Because I’ve been impressed by what I’ve read and heard from Eternal Encouragement so far, and I think this can be a valuable resource to wives and mothers.  So, I read my newsletters with great fear and trembling (not quite but there was some trepidation.)

Eternal Encouragement enewsletter is a free enews from TEACH magazine:  I was happy to see that the newsletters did contain the good things I have come to look for from Eternal Encouragement- words of wisdom for wives and moms and tips about marriage and parenting.  I was happy to see that the first section of the newsletter had NO links to click.  Hooray!  I was able to read through Lorrie’s opening words and be convicted and encouraged at the same time- just what I’ve come to appreciate about the ministry of Eternal Encouragement.

But, then, after a few advertisements, I reached the dreaded link.  Click here for….  The first link was to a short YouTube video- part of a “Chick Flicks for Mom” series that Lorrie does for the newsletter readers.  The video clip shows Lorrie talking in person.  That was a nice personal touch.  (Even if I did have to follow a link to get there.)  Unfortunately, both newsletters that I reviewed had the same Chick Flicks link.  However, when I got to the Chick Flicks page, I could scroll down and see the previous clip (that was probably supposed to be attached to my first newsletter.)   

The last newsletter item was a Timely Tip.  This tip, written by a guest writer, was another link sharing information about marriage and homemaking.  And this link was an actual PDF file that opened.  This could be good if you wanted to print out these tips and keep them in a home binder.  I particularly don’t want to wait for PDF files to download when I’m reading a newsletter and I imagine it would be slow for folks with a dial up modem.  But, I could see the benefit to making these tips printable.

If you enjoy reading enewsletters, this is a good one.  Eternal Encouragement newsletter offers advice, conviction, and encouragement for wives and moms in a short, easy to read each week format.  You can sign up easily (and free) on the TEACH magazine website in the upper right hand corner.  You can also read other reviews for the newsletters at the Gabby Moms site.

I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.

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