Weekly Wrap Up- The Maybe It Is Spring Edition

Although it was another run around week this week, I have definitely enjoyed a preview of beautiful spring weather.  As the week went on, the weather became more and more spring like culminating in 70 degree temps today with sunshine.  Woohoo!

Monday– We had a science time to make up because we missed last week when our hostess for the week was sick.  So, we gathered and discussed fossils and made our own out of play do and plaster of paris.  From science, we headed to the church to have lunch with daddy and kill some time before a Valentines party.  Monday afternoon we gathered with other homeschool friends to play games, eat food, do crafts, and pass out Valentines!

Tuesday– The big kids had Junior Master Gardner in the morning, so the little girls and I headed to the library and then out to enjoy the sunshine at the park.  Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t quite as warm as it looked, so I wimped out after about 30 minutes, and we had to head indoors!

Wednesday– a mostly normal day of school.  The big kids are still reading through Prince Caspian, and the little girls and I finished up The Magic Schoolbus Space Explorers this week.

Thursday– Every so often, Jason’s mom takes the four children for the day and I head off by myself.  Thursday they stayed with her while I went up to the mall and hit a few of the really good end of season sales.

Friday– Today we had another fairly normal day of school and then headed out to eat lunch with my mom and go to the park.  It was in the 70s today and was so beautiful!

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite things about homeschooling:  Seeing my kids all day every day and not having to send them away for part of the day is such a blessing.  I love these guys!

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