Weekly Wrap Up- The Sick Kid Edition (Again)

I’m not even really sure why I’m bothering to write a Weekly Wrap Up post this week.  I’m not sure we actually accomplished anything that I can wrap up.  Between strep throat and colds and fevers, I’m not sure I did anything this week except nurse sick children and clean house.

Hmm, what did we do that was school related?

* We read in Story of the World about Lewis and Clark’s journey through the West.
* Kathryne and Charles read two more chapters in Prince Caspian.
* The little girls and I read Make Way for Ducklings and talked about the city of Boston which was especially interesting because we had read about the New England region of the US in our geography book a couple of weeks ago.
* We looked at several artists and paintings in The Art Auction Mystery.  We’ve enjoyed reading through this book this year and studying some famous artists and their works as we attempt to find the fake paintings and solve the mystery.
* Kathryne finally finished Little Women- her current independent guided reading book- and admitted that, while the beginning was promising, she really thought the book was less interesting as it went along, and she was quite disappointed that Jo and Laurie did not end up together (as I was when I first read the book!)
* We continued reading through Alice in Wonderland which no one seems to be enjoying but me.  How can you not like Alice in Wonderland?!
* We had at least one day of independent work in which people did math, phonics, Bible reading, handwriting, and AWANA study- all the basics.
* Kathryne and Charles and I finished the last main chapter of Latin for Children Primer A.  We now only have two review lessons to complete the book.

So, maybe we accomplished a little in the way of school.  On a good note, I’m a little more organized for the coming weeks, and the house is fairly clean right now- which feels nice for the springy weather we’re having. 

Perhaps next week we’ll have a normal week of school (whatever that is).

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