Weekly Wrap Up- A Sick Week Edition

Well, we started out our week with Jason going to the doctor to be tested for the flu.  It turned out his test was negative, BUT he definitely had bronchitis/upper respiratory infection.  And Rachel woke up Monday not feeling well.  Jason ended up staying home from work through Wednesday, and when Daddy is home, we just don’t get as much done.  So, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we had a lighter school schedule.  Thankfully, we really did get some things done, and yesterday and today were pretty “normal” days.

One highlight of the week was watching The Narnia Code with the big kids.  We finished reading The Horse and His Boy on Tuesday, so we took Wednesday and Thursday and watch The Narnia Code.
The Narnia Code

The Narnia Code is a BBC presentation based on Planet Narnia, a scholarly work by Michael Ward claiming to have found a new “code” in interpreting The Chronicles of Narnia.  Ward also published a book called The Narnia Code which is supposed to be an easier read for the lay person.  I am a BIG Narnia fan, and the older children have heard the books read aloud many times.  I love thinking about the Biblical symbolism in the book and am especially enjoying discussing with the kids now as they are getting older and understanding more and more.  So, I especially enjoyed hearing about more possible symbolism in the books.  I’m planning to read Planet Narnia on my own now.  One of the best things about homeschooling: learning new things myself!

Another highlight in our homeschool this week, Ashlyne (1st grade) made a 100 on a Saxon math test where she actually answered the problems AND read almost all of the problems herself.  Ashlyne has been a slower, more reluctant reader; so this is a HUGE step for her.  Often, she will not even attempt to read directions on her own because she thinks she can’t do it. Another wonderful thing about homeschooling: being able to learn at your own pace.

Charles and I went to a library program yesterday called Game Day.  The librarian read sports books and then the kids played various games and answered sports trivia questions.   Charles had hoped to take another homeschooled friend, but his friend couldn’t come, so I went with him instead.  I stayed throughout the whole program even though most of the parents left because he wanted me to stay.  Yet another great thing about homeschooling:  your kids actually want you to hang out with them.

Next week may be a busy one.  We have two field trip days planned and science time.  The weatherman is calling for snow, though, so we’ll see how things go.

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