A Charlotte Mason Education: Incorporating Nature Study

Of all of the Charlotte Mason education methods, nature study has always been one that I struggle with. To be honest, I’m not that fond of being outdoors. I’m not great at observing insects or plants. I’m not very good at sketching the things I see outdoors. It’s always been difficult for me.

But, as with many things I’ve learned since I began homeschooling, I’ve tried to expand my efforts in this area in an attempt to help the children learn to appreciate and enjoy nature.

Despite my own reluctance, I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to incorporate nature study into our school time. I have found a few things that have helped me.

1. Focus on nature study during the spring. This is the time of year that I really do enjoy being outside, and it is hard to keep the kids inside for any length of time. So, I can take advantage of this and do some nature study during this time of year.

2. The Outdoor Hour Challenges blog– I used this last spring and plan to do it again this spring with the kids. This blog uses the Handbook of Nature Study (which I bought but really should have just used online for free) and gives a weekly outdoor challenge.

3. Parables from Nature- This classic living book provides nature stories to read when it is too rainy, wet, cold, etc. to make it outside. I admit that I found it rather tedious reading, but, surprisingly, the kids enjoy listening to it most of the time.

Parables from Nature (Yesterday's Classics)
I would appreciate any input from other Charlotte Mason homeschoolers as to how you incorporate nature study into your school day because I am always looking for ways to improve here.

You can check out some other ideas for incorporating nature study into your homeschool from the Schoolhouse Crew (live 4/22/15).

Nature Study for Your Homeschool

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