Aack! What Have I Been Doing?

So, I came to my poor, forgotten blog, and realized it has been exactly one week since I posted.  This is not exactly good blog etiquette.  Sometimes life seems to move too quickly for me to blog about what is happening.

So, what have we been doing this week?  Since I missed Friday’s Weekly Wrap Up, I suppose this will be a wrap up of sorts.

In school:  We actually had a rather (gasp) normal week this week.  We had science on Monday and made salt gardens.  Those things grow like crazy!

During the week, the big kids plugged along in Prince Caspian, the first of the Chronicles of Narnia that they are reading and working through independently.  They are almost through, and we sill start The Voyage of the Dawn Treader together.  The little girls and I read through Make Way for Ducklings and did some fun activities with rhyming words, watched a video about ducks, and narrated our own Make Way for Ducklings story.  

On Friday I took the big kids to the Children’s Theater to see And Then They Came for Me– a story of Anne Frank and two of her contemporaries who were Holocaust survivors.  They were prepared.  We’ve talked about the Holocaust and World War 2 throughout this year as we’ve read the Chronicles of Narnia.  It still didn’t help them to really like this production.  The Holocaust is, admittedly, a very disturbing period of history.  Even though the play was very well done, we all left it with a sort of somber and subdued feeling.

Our Salt Crystal Gardens

Reading:  I am currently caught up in my Bible in 90 Days reading and am reading through the prophets still.  I am almost finished with Ezekiel (as of yesterday’s reading) and am convinced that the people of the time thought these prophets absolutely crazy!  They did some off the wall things in obedience to God’s words.  I’ve also been thinking how faithful and courageous these guys were to do all these crazy things and follow God’s commands even in the face of the persecution that they knew they would receive and even when they knew up front that people wouldn’t listen.  Would I be as bold and trusting?

I’m also reading for fun a historical fiction/romance series about Scotland.  They are definitely compelling and absorbing reads.  I’ve reviewed the first two on my Good Reads blog.

At Home:  I am still using AllRecipes for my cooking and menu planning.  I love the flexibilty, and the price- $22 for two years- was better than any other menu planning program I’ve seen!

I cleaned out Ashlyne and Rachel’s clothes this week and put out more summer clothes- just in time for rain and chillier temps this weekend.  Oh well, I never fully change over seasonal clothes because of our crazy weather here in South Carolina, so they still have something to wear- if I can just steer them away from the tank tops and shorts for a while.

I also had my new washer and dishwasher delivered this week!  My dishwasher had fully died a few weeks ago, and I quickly decided that washing dishes by hand for six people was not going to become a regular event.  We went to Sears last weekend to look and found, not only a dishwasher, but an excellent price on an energy efficient washer with a king size capacity!  So, this week, I have a new washer and dishwasher!  Hooray!

On a more downer note, I am about to throw in the towel on my couponing adventures.  I am hopelessly not good at this.  After more than six months, I’m still not seeing significant savings overall- even though I can have some really good individual trips here and there.  It seems that some of our regular purchase items – organic milk, orange juice, cheese, bread- are never going to be coupon items, and since I buy these regularly, sometimes multiple times per week, I’m just not getting the big savings.  I would like to take a full couponing class to see if I can learn more, but I’m feeling rather hopeless right now.

So, that’s where we are right now.  This week, I am looking forward to a visit from Jason’s cousin on spring break and some planning for Kidshine drama camp coming this spring.  I’m hoping the nasty, nasty weather we have had yesterday and today is going to end and give us another really pretty, spring-like week.

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