Bible in 90 Days Update- The Home Stretch

At the end of this week, I will have successfully completed the Bible in 90 days three times.  Wow!  I am reading through the home stretch now in James.

One of the neatest things about reading these three times has been to get to the New Testament with the Old Testament still so fresh on my mind.  I can see how many times Jesus and the New Testament writers refer back to the Old Testament and I can see how the whole Bible is one big picture that all ties together in the New Testament.

If you've never read the Bible this way before, I encourage you to join Amy at Mom's Toolbox when she begins again in July.  She has lots of resources to help you succeed in your reading.

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  1. I'm super impressed! I'm currently reading the Bible cover-to-cover, but I couldn't keep up with the 90-day schedule. I'm still in the OT and I'm surprised at how much I am enjoying it. I take encouragement from you that reading the OT again, after just reading the New, will be further enlightening.

    Good for you!!


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