Charlotte Mason Thursdays- Schooling Multiple Children

One of the greatest things about using Charlotte Mason’s methods for me has been the fact that I can school multiple children using many of the same materials.  Reading living books is wonderful for all ages.  Often I can read a book that is written at a much higher level for the older kids, but the younger ones listen along and learn too!  My younger children have listened to Shakespeare, poetry, and many classic novels at a level that I may not have picked for them, but they heard because they were listening along with older kids.  And, often, they can tell me about what we’ve been reading.

Listening to good books that are beyond their reading level gives my children the “taste” for good living books.  Then when they are able, they will choose good books to read.  Charles just recently of his own accord picked Beowulf as his independent reading book.  Now, I think his original reason for picking it was that it was shorter than most of the other choices.  But, even after I explained that it was an epic poem, he read it- fairly enthusiastically- and really “got it” to some degree.  After all it is an adventure with heroes and monsters.  What more could a boy want?

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