Charlotte Mason Thursdays

Because I love Charlotte Mason and incorporate many of her philosophies and methods in our homeschool, I am going to try to take some time on Thursdays to talk about some of our favorite Charlotte Mason methods or resources.

“Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.”  Charlotte Mason

One topic of study that I would not have thought of before I read Charlotte Mason and started incorporating her methods and philosophy is picture study.  I will admit that I still don’t incorporate this in a way true to Mason’s methods.  Only infrequently do I have the children actually study and then recreate a famous work of art. But, we do now study famous artists and their works.

What I knew about great artists and their works could probably fit on a sticky note, and there would still be room left over.  So, I definitely needed some help on this one.  Last year, I checked out a few famous artist DVDs from the library.  These were great and helped us to build a little foundation in studying great art.

This year, I found a great resource at the homeschool convention.  The Art Auction Mystery looks at the works of a number of famous artists from a “spot the differences” perspective.  Each work of art has a  brief bio of the artist included, so as well as enjoying looking closely at the works of art, we’ve actually learned quite a bit about the artists.
Art Auction Mystery

I think the kids now know much more about art, and I am sure I do!

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