Missions Festival; Spring Break; and Other Miscellany

This week is our church Mission’s Festival.  I always enjoy this time of year.  Typically the kids and I help out with childcare, so we get to meet the missionary families and especially their children.  It has given us the opportunity as a family to see missions in a much more real way and to better pray for our missionary families.

I was brought up in a very missions minded church, so I’ve always seen the importance of missions and always been a part of supporting missions and missionaries.  Jason and I went on a short term summer missions trip before we had children, and we’ve always planned to go as a family when the kids are older.  This summer, he is taking Charles on a missions trip to Cleveland, Ohio for a Ben Watson Football Camp.

My very favorite missions quote is from John Piper: “Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” Ah, there is much to be unpacked in that.

Ah, doesn’t it look like spring!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this today here.  It is cool and cloudy and will probably rain.  But, we are having spring break this week in the Courtney household.  Because it is Missions Festival week and we are going back and forth to the church, I decided to take the week off of school.  No one disagreed.  So, we won’t take a whole week off around Easter.  We’ll probably keep plugging along now until the end of May when we will hopefully finish up some things to be able to take most of June off!

Jason and I are headed off on Thursday to the Southeast Homeschool Convention.  I always love the homeschool convention.  Usually we go in June to the South Carolina convention.  But, this one is really large with many many speakers and workshops and a HUGE vendor hall.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I think we’ll have great weather also because it is supposed to be warm and sunny after the rain today.  The kids will be staying with grandparents for the two nights, so we’ll have a couples weekend too!

I’m looking forward to a good week despite the rain today.

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