Thoughts on the "Great" Homeschool Convention

Jason and I attended a homeschool convention in Greenville, South Carolina this weekend.  Normally we go to the South Carolina convention in June which is put on by SCHEA, but we were drawn to this first Southeast convention put on by this organization because of some big name speakers including Ken Ham and a concert by Tim Hawkins.

I had already decided I didn't like the convention as much as the SCHEA convention.  This one was much larger, so its workshops were crowded; and there was a much more "impersonal" feel to the whole thing.  Tim Hawkins was great to see in person, but even that was poorly organized.  Tickets were oversold, and the location to watch him was not very accommodating.

And then, this.  Before the convention, I had read of a controversy between Ken Ham and Dr. Peter Enns (of whom I had not heard), also a speaker at the convention.  Ken Ham had addressed unbiblical ideas in Dr. Enns's Bible curriculum and apparently has previously criticized BioLogos, the organization he is affiliated with.  At the convention, I attended one of Ken Ham's talks and Jason attended another.  He did address the unbiblical ideas in the curriculum and did show materials which held unbiblical ideas from several vendors at the workshop.  At no point did he ever question the salvation or integrity of Dr. Enns or Susan Wise Bauer- also associated with BioLogos.  [ Note: I am corrected Dr. Bauer is not affiliated with BioLogos but does publish Dr. Enns's Bible curriculum.]  Now, Ken Ham has been uninvited from the two final regional conventions!  I think this is outrageous, and I have posted the response from Answers in Genesis which includes links to the original blog posts and the email uninviting Ken Ham.

This has definitely helped me to make up my mind about attending this convention in the future.  I will stick with the SCHEA convention in the future, and I will be contacting the convention to let them know of my decision!


  1. Dr. Bauer is not associated with BioLogos. Rather, she is the publisher for Dr. Enns' Bible curriculum.

  2. That is correct. Thank you for making that distinction. I had meant to say that she was affiliated with his curriculum, but I stated that wrong.

  3. Which session did you attend? Apparently the things he is accused of saying were during the fourth session, and I'm trying to find an account by someone who attended his fourth session.

  4. My husband attended the 4th session. He said Ken did put slides on the screen showing various unbiblical homeschool materials being sold at the convention and he did name Dr. Enns by name as writing unbiblical curriculum. He never made personal attacks or questioned anyone's salvation. And, if you read Answers in Genesis's statement, they had let the convention folks know upfront that they would criticize unbiblical curriculum and would probably call out Dr. Enns personally.

  5. Thank you!

    I guess GHC is stating it wasn't the content of what he said, but how he said it. I heard in other places that he was ranting/yelling, etc but I had no idea if those people were just pro-Enns people exaggerating what went on.... or if he was really behaving in a manner that had people covering their children's ears. I've been looking all over for first hand (or reasonably first hand) of people who attended the 4th session who clearly aren't just causing trouble because they're pro-Enns.

    We have family tickets for the Midwest convention and have been trying to decide whether or not to boycott. It's four hours to go to our state convention, but it might be worth it.

  6. My family originally planned to attend this convention also but decided to go to our state covention instead in May because Ken Ham and Voddie Bachum would be the keynote speakers. Glad now we made the decision to change. Sorry you didn't have as good as time as possible.

  7. Hind's Feet, there was definitely no ranting or yelling. My husband thought what he said was very appropriately done.


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