Time 4 Learning Review

I was given the opportunity to review Time 4 Learning for the last month for all four of my children.  I had looked into Time 4 Learning at various times and had even done a brief membership for Ashlyne at one point.  But, I had never considered signing up all the children and had never seen their site for older students.

There are things about the site that I especially like for younger children.  Ashlyne and Rachel used the first grade and kindergarten levels of the program.  The graphics are engaging.  The site is fun.  It was very appealing to Ashlyne and Rachel.  The navigation was a little confusing to them.  It doesn’t seem as if it would be.  But both of them had trouble making sure they had completed one level, so the program would show it as completed before they moved on to the next level.

Kathryne and Charles used the fifth and sixth grade levels of the program.  It was VERY juvenile for them.  When we first pulled it up, they asked if that was really for their grade level.  The material we looked at seemed appropriate for their grade level, but the presentation was not.

The cost of this program has always made it prohibitive for me.  At $19.95 per month for the first student and more for additional children, it is very expensive, considering that there are several free sites my younger girls like that are also very educational.  I also think that there is no way that I would use this as a complete homeschool program.  If the cost is affordable for your family, I think it could be a great supplement for younger students.  But, I would not recommend it for older students.

You can get more information about Time 4 Learning and even check out free demos on their website.

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