Weekly Wrap Up- The Back to School (Again) Edition

Last week was our official spring break because we had the Missions Festival at church, and then Jason and I were gone Thursday and Friday for the Southeast Homeschool Convention.  This week was back to the regular routine.

Monday– We did our regular school in the morning and then had our science co-op.  In co-op this week, we looked at the brain and the nervous system and the respiratory system with some right brain/left brain activities and a bubble blowing activity.

Tuesday– We did regular school in the morning and then headed out to the library.  Kathryne checked out 21 books and determined on her own to write a book report for each one and email it to me to grade.  Gotta love those homeschoolers.

Wednesday– More regular school.  Thankfully we didn’t have anywhere to hurry off to after school.

Thursday- Yet another regular day.  I’m so glad when we have so many of these in a week.

Today we didn’t do school.  Kathryne was supposed to have a drama class because public schools were out in the area, but the class was canceled due to lack of interest.  We went ahead and took the day off of school anyway.

We actually got lots done this week.  We are within about 5 chapters of being finished with our history book.  We’ve actually finished up our picture study and are just going to look at a few different artists for the rest of the year.  The big kids and I are reading through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader now.  And the little girls and I read Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears this week.

Next week should be another pretty “normal” week for us.  Going to the homeschool convention and getting all my curriculum for next year has motivated me to keep plugging along to finish up this year’s curriculum.

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