Busy, Busy, Busy....

“We’re busy, busy dreadfully busy.  You’ve no idea what we have to do.”- Veggie Tales “Are You My Neighbor?”

I really do have a good excuse for not posting in almost ten days.  My family is moving at the speed of light.  Four children and almost twelve years ago, Jason and I vowed that we would never be this busy when we had children.  I’m now eating those words.  Unfortunately that’s about all I have time to eat.

I suppose I really have no excuse.  I’ve been reading a series of historical fiction books about the 18th century.  It is unbelievable to think about what women in that time period accomplished without any of the modern “necessities” that I have today.  I think I’m doing something when I wash four loads of clothes in one day.  I’m not even washing them!  I have a machine that does that for me.  And a machine that dries them.  But, of course, I have to devote large quantities of time to playing Gardens of Time on Facebook.  And to checking my email.  And to blogging and reading blogs.  And to driving kids all over town.

Hmmm, on a more happy note, we have been extremely productive in our school work lately.  We did not take off last week when our local schools were on Spring Break.  And, despite our crazy afternoon/evening schedules, our day times are pretty clear.  We’re dropping subjects as we finish them, and I hope we’ll be finishing up on May 13.  Then my plan is to take a few weeks off and then start back mid-June with our summer schedule.  So, if we can make it through the next few weeks of craziness, it will all slow down, and we’ll have a break soon.

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