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Before I begin, I do realize that this post is being written on a Friday, not a Thursday.  But, yesterday was rainy and gloomy and dark and nasty.  So, if you can forgive me for not being able to form a coherent thought, much less write it down, perhaps you can enjoy this week’s Charlotte Mason post on Friday.

When I first began exploring Charlotte Mason and her principles as an educational philosophy, I mostly read books about her.  I began with A Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine Levinson and continued on with More Charlotte Mason Education.

I then moved on to A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.

All of these were very helpful and indeed helped to whet my interest in Charlotte’s Mason’s educational philosophies.

 But, I did definitely benefit from reading Charlotte Mason’s original works.  I read them for free at Ambleside Online.  Ambleside features all six of Charlotte Mason’s works in her own words.  Reading this really helped me to see her vision and understand her philosophy even better.

 For anyone just starting out using Charlotte Mason’s methods, I would greatly recommend the first three books.  But, as you learn more about Charlotte Mason and seek to incorporate her philosophies and methods into your schooling, I think you will benefit even more from reading her original works.

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