Playing Catch Up

I am breathing deeply.  In, out, in, out, in, out.  This has been one those weeks where I felt all week as if I could not catch up.  I am finally feeling slightly more caught up tonight.  I know the feeling is short-lived.  Kathryne just this week found out that she has a part in a community theater musical for the spring.  This will involve practice five times a week for two hours at each practice.  Add that to baseball practice and gymnastics and church programs that are finishing up, and we have some serious craziness.

I didn’t get to a Charlotte Mason post this week or a weekly wrap up.  So, here’s the skinny on what we’ve been up to:

*I finished my reading through the Bible in 90 days!  Woohoo!  I love doing this and look forward to doing it again.  For now, I have begun a Bible study through Exodus and I am learning to pray the daily offices through the Book of Common Prayer.

*School is looking more and more finished.  For that I am truly thankful.  I am really hoping to get through the bulk of our work by mid May, so we are looking good.  After we finish up, I am going to be reevaluating our schedule and our record keeping over the summer.

*Weather around her is awfully spring/summer like- something else I am truly thankful for.  We had a very interesting cookout/hail storm at the campground last night, and I almost got to learn first hand what to do in a camper in the event of a tornado.  Thankfully the entire family was able to get home safely, and the storms passed around midnight last night.

*The Ultimate Blog Party is over and I have notified my study Bible winner- Jessica from Jessica’s Lil Corner.  Congratulations!

*I am still madly reading The Outlander series for my pleasure reading.  I actually published a 52 Books in 52 Weeks post today at my Good Reads blog, but I didn’t finish a book this week.

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