Weekly Wrap Up- The I Can See the End in Sight Edition

I love the finishing up of things.  Even when I am reading a really, really good book, I feel a sense of accomplishment at the completion.  So, I enjoy this part of our school year when I can see the end of several subjects approaching.

The way I figure it, we have about seven more weeks of “real school.”  We school all through the summer, but we do a much shorter and abbreviated schedule.  The last full week of May, the kids and I are going to Great Wolf Lodge with my mom and the week after, three of the kids will be in drama camp.  So, I am trying to finish up the bulk of our work before that.

Rachel and Kathryne both finished their math books this week.  Rachel was only doing a little kindergarten workbook from Spectrum, so I’ll probably just give her some printables of kindergarten math pages here and there until the end of May.  Kathryne finished Saxon 6/7, and I am going to have her go on and do the topics and supplementary practice at the back of the book- but only once a week.

We are about 5 chapters from being through with Story of the World volume 3.  I am changing our history curriculum next year, so this will be our last few weeks with Story of the World.

Kathryne and Charles are both almost finished with their copywork books, and I am going to not have them start another.  Ashlyne and Rachel may not finish their Handwriting Without Tears books, but that is something we can definitely continue on with through the summer.

There are a few other things we may not finish.  As of right now, Kathryne, Charles, and I are still only reading through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  We have two more Narnia books to complete and a few assignments along with those.  We’ll probably finish up The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair and read The Last Battle this summer.  Unless we all get a burst of energy and start reading several chapters a day.

Having a week like this one where we were home every day really helps my sense of accomplishment and will certainly help us finish up some of those things.  As the weather gets really nice; however, I know we’ll be out of the house more, and we won’t have as much opportunity to get as much done.  I think I’m willing to sacrifice my sense of accomplishment for good weather.

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