Weekly Wrap Up- In Which I Slowly Begin to Lose My Mind

Okay, I realize that having had children for going on twelve years now, I’ve already lost most of whatever brain cells I started with.  But, for some reason, I had the (very wrong) notion that as my children grew older, they (and parenting) would somehow become easier and therefore less stressful.  What I failed to read in any of those wonderful parenting manuals was that the lives of those children (and therefore my life) become exponentially more busy as they age.

So, here is where we are:  We are a little more than a month away from finishing up our regular school year and taking a short break before beginning a summer schedule.  Charles is playing baseball and practices one night a week and plays on Saturday.  Ashlyne takes gymnastics and practices (on a different night) for one and one half hours each week.  She has a spring show coming up.  Charles and Ashlyne are in our church’s choir program at the end of April and they practice on Wednesday night.  Rachel is also in preschool choir on Wednesday nights.  We also have two more Sunday nights of church activity left – AWANA and small groups.

So, at the end of last week, we found out that Kathryne has gotten a part in our local community theater play.  This is great news for Kathryne- who didn’t get a part the first time she auditioned and didn’t get one at first this time (apparently they had a member drop out).  But, not so great for her parents who get to take her to five practices a week.  Add more craziness into the current madness.

The descent into insanity began this week.  Next week, we’ll all actually have a breather because our local schools are on spring break and all practices of all sort are called off.

Saturday was our first baseball game.  Charles has played every other sport, but this year he wanted to try baseball.  I told him he should stick with it, he looked so cute in the uniform.  He wasn’t amused.  Jason is that handsome coach in the black shirt, btw.

Monday, Charles entered the youth rock wall competition.  He placed second in his division (out of about 12).  Kathryne, meanwhile, had play practice, so this was one of those crazy nights where we were shuttling people every which way.

Wednesday, Rachel’s preschool choir sang during dinner.  Don’t you love the look she’s giving me in this first picture?

And, lest we forget about school, we went on a field trip today! (Yes, we did school every other day also, but it was mostly routine stuff like math, literature, and history.  Who wants to see those pictures?!)  Today, we went to a natural history museum and a great park with a castle play structure.  We went with some other homeschooling friends, so we had friends, fun, and learning all rolled into one.

Next week, I’ll practice my deep breathing techniques in preparation for the week after public school’s spring break when it all gets even more crazy.

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