A Blog Redux

I’ve been pondering my blog lately.  Pondering is always dangerous for me.  I’ve looked back over the last few months of posts and noticed that my posts have been fairly sporadic and fairly pointless.  Does any one here really care what I’m having for supper every night this week?  Honestly?

I have several good reasons for my sporadic blog postings.  First of all, we have been through the absolute busiest season of our lives for the last two months.  I’ve done something I vowed I would never do when I had children, and that is to let multiple children be involved in multiple things all at the same time.  It has resulted in a whirlwind that has left us with diminished family time and, quite frankly, has left me physically exhausted.

Secondly, I feel like I have lost focus with this blog.  I originally began blogging to post about our day to day lives homeschooling.  I love reading about other homeschoolers.  I always learn something new, and I just enjoy seeing how homeschooling works for others.  So, I wanted to bless others in the same way I had been blessed by reading homeschooling/homemaking blogs.  But, somehow that has turned into a rote sort of recitation of what I’ve done for the week and a feeling ashamed to post because I haven’t done as much as other homeschoolers this week.

Lastly, I just feel like there is no new ground,  “nothing new under the sun.”  Why should I post recipes when there are obviously much better cooks than I already posting?  Why should I tell you how homeschooling works when there are folks who have homeschooled for many more years than I already filling that niche.  Why should I offer tips on couponing when there are countless blogs, books, and now even television shows already there doing that.  I’m just not feeling very motivated.

But, then I began to think some more.  ( I told you this could be dangerous ground!)  And I reached the conclusion that it’s okay that I sometimes blog sporadically.  And it is okay that I don’t always have my days nicely organized by blogging meme.  And, it’s really okay that I don’t have a new take on things.  Because you know, I really do have a different take on things because I’m a different person.  I’m a homeschooling mom who just gets tired sometimes.  I let my kids watch television now and then and even play video games.  I clip coupons, but I’ve never saved hundreds of dollars each shopping trip.  I cook meals most nights, but I’m not a great cook, and sometimes cooking means heating up a frozen pizza.  I’m very organized and love to teach my kids, but I’m not very creative at homemaking skills.

I am who I am, and by God’s grace I am growing to be the person He wants me to be.  I’m a wife and a mother and a teacher and a homemaker.  I’m going to blog about life.  I hope I’ll say something interesting and exciting and inspiring and wonderful.  But, maybe not.

I am going to try a little organization to see if that helps my blogging flow a little better.  I am planning to attempt to stick to the following schedule in blogging:
Monday– Menu planning; recipes
Tuesday– Product reviews (I already review books for several sites.  I’m looking for any other sites to review for?)
Wednesday– Wordless Wednesday- photos
Thursday– Charlotte Mason Thursdays- where I will look at the Charlotte Masonish things we do in our homeschooling.
Friday– Weekly Wrap Ups

It’s a plan.  On a good week, I may actually stick to it.  Or you may just have to pop in to be surprised by what I have written (or not).

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