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Just recently, our family began sponsoring a child through Compassion.  I had heard about Compassion over the years.  Most of us have.  And, it is something I had thought of but not very seriously.  After reading Radical last year, Jason and I talked about giving sacrificially.  I feel like any giving we do is sacrificially, but I’m not sure we’ve always done a good job teaching our children what that means.

So, we talked with the kids about what missions project they wanted to support on a regular basis (in addition to our tithe and missionaries we already support).  Compassion was one of our options.  The kids agreed give up our every other Sunday after AWANA McDonalds trip to give money.  And they voted for Compassion.  We went online to the website and looked through needy children.  We decided on a boy- because Charles is our only boy- and let Charles be the primary chooser.  After some talk, the kids and I chose James from the Philippines.  James is 9 years old.  We have already written him one letter, and he has written back to us.  It was quite exciting to get his letter and see him as a real child- not just a name and information on paper.

For the next week, Compassion has a group traveling in the Philippines to meet their sponsored children and to blog about their experiences.  I would love to be able to do this someday!  For now, I am enjoying following their trip.  Go check it out and consider becoming a Compassion sponsor.


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