Weekly Wrap Up- The Happy Dance

I will not sing the “We are through with school and you aren’t” song.  I really won’t.  Okay, maybe I will, but I will sing softly.  And dance just a little.  Because at the end of this week, WE ARE THROUGH WITH SCHOOL!!!!

Now, I will insert a disclaimer here:  We do some school through the summer.  It is a lighter schedule, and we won’t start all our new subjects, but we do attempt to have a somewhat loosely scheduled day and accomplish something.

But, for now, we are finished with all of our together subjects.  The little girls and I have finished all of our literature units.  Kathryne and Charles and I are three chapters away from the end of The Silver Chair.  (We will be reading The Last Battle this summer.)  Kathryne has completed math and Ashlyne only has three more pages.  Rachel completed handwriting.  Ashlyne has two more days.  Charles will not complete math.  He will have about 10 lessons lefts in Saxon 6/5, and I knew he would have to do those over the summer.  We will be finished with all else this week!

We will be taking off the rest of May and into the first week of June.  Three of the kids will do a Kidshine drama camp the last week of May.  After our week of Kidshine, we will resume a light school schedule throughout the remainder of June and probably end up taking off most of July.  The first week of August, we will ease back into a “school year” schedule and add our new grade level subjects.

Besides school this week (which has thankfully gotten lighter and lighter as the rest of our schedule has gotten busier and busier), we had three baseball games, one AWANA awards program, one gymnastics practice, four days of play practice, a choir party, a play that Kathryne and I attended together, science co-op, strawberry picking, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Sorry, strike the partridge.  I got carried away.

As we finish up this week, I plan on cleaning out and packing up the 2010/2011 school year things and getting together my 2011/2012 plans.  Along with driving children to gymnastics, play practice and baseball.  And, I really should find time to clean my house and cook dinner.  But, I’m not sure all of that will happen this week.  So, maybe we should just finish up some school and focus on making it through the busy season with good attitudes intact.  And, I’ll make sure we have time to do the end of school year happy dance.

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