Weekly Wrap Up- Hooray for the End of School

As I prepared to write my wrap up of the week, I thought about pretending that I had been unable to blog this week because of all of Blogger’s troubles this week.  But, the fact is, I haven’t been around Blogger all week, and the only reason that I know about the difficulties with Blogger is because I saw it on Facebook (have to go play Gardens of Time each evening after all!).  The fact is, it has been another crazy week here at the Courtney Household.

But, we now have one less thing in the crazy mix.  We are finished with 2010/2011 school work, and we are now having a three week break before we resume in June.  Hooray!

On Monday and Tuesday, we worked diligently in our remaining subjects to finish up.  But, we were sidetracked on Wednesday when our power was out all day due to severe storms in the night and early morning Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday we officially finished up, and on Friday we headed to a local play place to celebrate.  I was also able to print our progress reports and pack up our school year as well as clean out the school boxes, shelves, and craft closet this week.  So, I can truly say it is over and done with.

Next week, Kathryne and Charles have one final Junior Master Gardner class with 4H, and then we are headed to Great Wolf Lodge on Wednesday.  We do still have baseball, play practice, and gymnastics until the end of the month, but the craziness from the afternoons and evenings can be balanced with times of rest and repose during the day (I hope).

I, for one, am looking forward to a break, and, as always, I’m glad to have the year finished out; but, at the same time, I’m already gazing longingly at the new books and looking forward to the fall.  It’s great to be a homeschooler!

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