What a Week!

What a week it has been.  From a wedding to a funeral to a mini vacation, we’ve had a busy week.

It began on Sunday with my nephew’s wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, held outdoors.  The weather was nice, although a little warm; and we all enjoyed being with family.  Most of our family.  Kathryne didn’t go with us because she had a special 13th birthday party for a good friend to attend, complete with a limo ride and a Harry Potter Clue game.

On Monday, we were actually home for the day, but Jason was gone most of the afternoon and evening.  His uncle passed away over the weekend, and Jason was with the family Monday.  The kids and I stayed home.  Kathryne had play rehearsal Monday evening.

Tuesday, we all headed to North Carolina for the funeral.  Funerals are always somber occasions, but it was encouraging to hear about the faith of Jason’s uncle and see the faith and strength of his family.  As always, funerals are a reminder that our life on earth is but a breath; but as Christians, we have eternity with Christ to look forward to.

Wednesday was a very different mood as the kids and I headed with my mom to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord.  This was our fifth trip to Great Wolf, a place we’ve all come to love.  We stayed for one night playing in the water park, having fun in the arcade, and solving adventures in MagiQuest.  We arrived home late Thursday.

On Friday, we rested.  Sort of.  Actually, we were home; but I had quite a bit of housework to catch up on for the week.  It was nice to have a day at home though.

Today was a baseball game- only one more left in the season.  Several things are ending this week and next.  Baseball comes to an end after next weekend.  Ashlyne’s gymnastics will have a short break after this week’s show, and then she’ll be on the summer schedule.  Kathryne has two more weeks before the debut of Frog and Toad, the musical.  I really can’t believe that summer is already upon us!

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