Another Homeschool Convention

Jason and I will be heading to the SCHEA homeschool convention tomorrow.  This will be our second convention this year because we went to the Great Homeschool convention in Greenville, South Carolina in March.

Going to the convention in Sumter, South Carolina each year has become a tradition.  We enjoy going alone- no kids- and having a weekend away as well as attending some of the workshops and browsing the vendor hall for the upcoming year’s curriculum.

This year, we decided to go to the Greenville convention- something new for our area- because Tim Hawkins was performing.  So, in March, we headed off for our weekend away.

Neither of us was very impressed by the convention in Greenville (although we both enjoyed seeing Tim Hawkins live).  The crowd was MUCH larger.  The workshops were packed and some of them we were unable to get into because they were too full.  The convention was held at a convention center instead of on a college campus like the SCHEA convention, so the large number of people were all crowded up together, making it hard to move around between workshops.  I also found it difficult to be there in March because attending the convention and purchasing curriculum is something that usually gets me in the frame of mind for the upcoming year.  Instead, I had to then come home and finish out our remaining year.  I must admit I lost focus.  And of course, there was the debate between Ken Ham and the Great Homeschool Conventions which became quite well-known and really gave me a dislike of the whole Great Homeschool Conventions experience. 

All of those things considered, Jason and I discussed and decided to attend the Sumter SCHEA convention also.  We are only going for one night- instead of our usual two.  And, I do not need to purchase curriculum this time.  But, I am looking forward to the more intimate and supportive atmosphere of the SCHEA convention convention, some good workshops, and some time away with my husband to refresh and get ready for a new school year.

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