Weekly Wrap Up- The Official Summer Edition- Volume 1

Although we’ve been on summer break since mid-May, this week marked the official beginning of summer.  It was hot enough here.  And, although we’ve been back to school (on our summer schedule) for the month of June, we didn’t do much school this week.

Kathryne had theater camp- Shakespeare and Stage Combat.  Charles kept plugging on in attempts to finish his Saxon math.  And the little girls and I read some books that went along with the lapbook we’re doing- How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the USA.

In addition to the light school we accomplished, we had gymnastics and football on Monday, gymnastics and a middle school event on Wednesday, swimming yesterday, and swimming and football today.

Despite the heat, our swimming times yesterday and this evening were marked by breezy weather, threatening storms.  That makes swimming unpleasant for me, so I mostly watched.

Next week, we’ll be finishing up some summer school work and heading to the beach on Friday.  While our summer days have not been so lazy, they’ve been pretty fun.  We’re all looking forward to our beach vacation!

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