Weekly Wrap Up

So, when I thought we would be less busy after May, perhaps I was wrong.  Perhaps I will be less busy in 15 years or so when all of my children are fully grown.  But, of course, we won’t have nearly as much fun then; so I’ll just embrace the busyness.

Monday– Jason’s cousin and girlfriend were visiting this weekend, so we took the whole crew- minus Jason who was working- and headed up to Charlotte to Discovery Place.

Ashlyne also had gymnastics on Monday.  And, although I thought Charles was taking a sports break for the summer, he’s actually playing flag football.  Who knew?  (it’s a looong story.)

Tuesday- We hung around the house morning and early afternoon.  Robert and Ashley left after lunch.  In the afternoon, I had some errands, and Kathryne had play rehearsal.  But, it was a thankfully slow day.

Wednesday– We started back to school for the summer session.  Things went fairly well.  We do a very modified schedule in the summer, so we don’t spend lots of time.  Ashlyne had gymnastics again, and the youth from church had a trip to the ice cream shop.  Since I have two middle schoolers this year (gasp!), we went out for a bit.

Thursday– More school and more play rehearsal.  I will very glad for the weekend to be over, and the play to be done!

Friday– More school.  Charles is off to spend the night with a buddy.  Kathryne had her first performance of this weekend.  Two more to go!

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