Wham-O Slip-N-Slide

My children love to do this:

 Even my big kids enjoy slipping and sliding.  Our Slip-N- Slide from several years ago had reached the end of it’s life span, so I headed to Walmart this year to buy a new one.

I made sure to choose one with no blow up parts, because inflatable toys and four (or more) children don’t mix well.  This one simply has the sprayers and the bottom inflates with water.  The children were excited and hurried out to set it up and start sliding.  But, we were all dismayed within about five minutes because the bottom section split at the seam and there was no longer enough water pressure to spray.

I wasn’t sure what my chances of a response were, but I contacted the Wham-O company.  The box has a 30 day guarantee listed, but I admit I was a little skeptical that I would actually get a response.  I easily found email information on the Wham-O website, and sent off an email, not genuinely expecting anything except an automated response.  I sent the email Saturday evening, and of course, this was Memorial Day weekend.

Imagine my surprise when I received a response early Tuesday!  A Customer Service Representative, Michelle, had replied- in person, not an automated response!  She assured me that she could help me and asked that I simply send photos of the UPC symbol and the tear in the slide.  She even emailed back and forth with me a few times as I had some trouble getting my picture attachments to go through.  When she received my pictures, she immediately responded back and assured me we would have a new Slip-N-Slide within 5-7 days!  I am very impressed with Wham-O’s customer service!

Unfortunately today, many companies do not value their product or their customers enough to stand behind the products they make.  I am thankful that Wham-O did.  Because of that we will soon see more of this:

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